Creative Content Writing Services For Your Business

Creating great content is key for any website to succeed in search, which is why we combine compelling and engaging content with any SEO plan we create. Having good-quality copy on a website can be the difference between users converting or simply bouncing out again so why take the risk with your content!

Having written copy for both B2B and B2C companies in a range of industries, we can adapt our content to your tone of voice and create engaging copy that speaks directly to your audiences. We know that web content needs to be well-written, easy to read whilst also pleasing search engine algorithms which is why we bring our clients along on the journey.

SEO And Copywriting Services

So how does SEO fit in with copywriting services? Simple- the groundworks for a well-performing, SEO optimised website is great content! Which is why we offer SEO services with copywriting too. If you choose to work with us on improving your website, we’ll apply the following elements to improve your content;

  • Keyword research
  • Metadata creation
  • Optimised headers and sub-headers
  • Optimised URL recommendations

Our team are confident that applying a combined strategy of SEO with copywriting, your web content will start performing better in search engines, directly addressing those queries your clients are asking!

 Industries We’ve Worked With

From B2B insurance providers, IT suppliers and co-working office spaces to Estate agents, restaurants and nightclubs, we’ve created copy for a range of industries and audiences, all with the intention of improving our client’s web presence. 

Types of Content We Create 

Our team of creative content writers work on a range of content including;

  • PPC & display adverts
  • landing page copy 
  • blog content 
  • longer form e-guides and articles

Content Writing Services London Gibraltar Marbella Ekul SEO

Generate More Leads With An SEO Content Writer

No Fluff. No Filler.

Just Engaging and Thought Provoking Content

Make it Simple. Make it Memorable. Make it Inviting 

Your Website’s Content Is Worth The Investment

We work closely with our clients, ensuring the tone of voice and brand messaging is consistent throughout, without losing the creative flair. Our team are also certified by Google and highly proficient with AdWords, remarketing, Google products and display ads.

The Results You Can Expect From Our Content Writing Service

  • Increase Visibility to Search Engines like Google
  • Rank well in Search Results
  • Reduce The Bounce Rate On Existing Posts
  • Attract And Engage With More Of Your Target Audience
Creative Content Writing Services For Your Business Ekul SEO

SEO Content Writer

Frequently Asked Questions

High quality written content that informs, engages or educates is what earns your site the crucial backlinks you need, and it’s also how search engines learn about your business and what search engines crawl when they arrive at your site.

Good SEO content writing helps define your brand voice and demonstrate your expertise and authority in your field. This is essential for both branding and SEO, as E.A.T – expertise, authority and trust – is increasingly important to Google and you place in the SERPs.

Although there are many factors that can affect your search engine rankings that have nothing to do with your main and secondary keywords, how you incorporate keywords into your content writing still matters.

Provided that the SEO content we provide you with has been paid for in full as agreed, you own all rights to it, forever. The transfer of copyright occurs at payment, as the law provides.

We love clients with ideas. If you have great blog or article ideas we will always want to hear about them. We can then take your desired topics, add the right keywords and create pieces that represent your brand in the way you’d like.

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