What is SEO Marketing and its Types?

As a marketing approach, in the past SEO, has certainly gained a reputation for being a bit of a ‘dark art’, however, SEO professionals now recognise that following Googles SEO best practises is the only way to go if you want to improve your business visibility. Here at EkulSEO, we only work towards Googles SEO best practises.

Our main goal for our clients is to help improve their web visibility. Combining our own experience working with a range of sectors, here at EkulSEO we can create an ongoing SEO growth strategy that not only delivers the results you’re looking for but will help grow your business presence online in a digital age.

What is SEO, What is an SEO Strategy  and How Does it Work

Search engine optimisation is the digital marketing approach of making a web page or whole website ‘optimal’ for a search engine like Google and Bing to crawl or access quickly, taking in information and deciding whether it’s most relevant to help answer a search query. In the fast-paced digital age, this method of digital marketing has become a necessity for any business looking to thrive in a busy world of technology.

SEO works by making sure a number of (over 100, to be precise) factors are in place and correct on a website, combined with high-quality copy that uses terms that people are searching for. There is a whole load of other more technical components that need to be in place which is why it’s worth partnering with an SEO agency who can help out.

SEO for Business Made Simple

SEO vs PPC- Which One Is Best For ROI?

We recognise that there are certainly times when an excellent SEO and PPC campaign are executed to work together, harnessing a brand’s online presence initially with paid advertising whilst laying the ongoing foundations for visibility and organic growth in search results.

PPC and SEO work really well together for a new company launch, a brand refresh, or even an exciting new campaign as PPC drives instant traffic numbers through to the page or website you’re looking to increase awareness of.

Simply put, PPC helps initially get your name out there and build awareness whilst SEO is a longer-term plan for increasing traffic, growing your brand online and improving ROI over time.

The best way to understand the ROI of SEO is through an example keyword. Of course, our goal is to rank 1st on Google!

Let’s take the Keyword “Marbella SEOand over 140 people search for this exact query every month in the UK and in Spain.

This is only one variant of the keyword with other potential long-tail keywords like SEO Services Costa del Sol, Marbella & Estepona SEO which yield another 40 searches per month.

Focusing your SEO strategy on these key terms costs very little in comparison with PPC, In other words, if you’re going to invest in one marketing channel, you should invest in SEO.

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SEO for Business Made Simple

Businesses We’ve Helped Along The Way

When I first started, Louise was instrumental in getting things in place, until now, Louise is still in my corner to support me as I grow. I can contact them with questions, queries, or issues, and they provide the support I need.

David CairnsTechnical Direct

Ekulseo gave me the support I needed at the very start of my career. I will always be grateful to them for their professional and passionate approach.

Jani YutomoLead SEO Executive

Louise was very knowledgeable and easy to communicate with. She went above and beyond and always delivering on time and up to a high standard. I highly recommend working with her, it’s been a pleasure!

Chloe JaggerCommunications Executive Lyst.co.uk

Louise, Did a cracking SEO job – thank you, Louise! Will certainly be using your services again. Best – James

Jim KrugerChief Marketing Officer at Intermedia

Perhaps You’ve Noticed your Website’s Rankings Have Suddenly Dropped?

Here’s what you should do when your website search rankings drop. Contact us! Search engines constantly change their ranking algorithms, this can create a penalty on your website which will significantly impact your search engine rankings. If this does happen, you will certainly need the help of a trusted SEO agency.

Ekul SEO – SEO for Business Made Simple.

A results-orientated SEO agency – a long term SEO Strategy

Here at Ekul SEO, we’re not an “all discussion- no movement” SEO company meaning our team will regularly update you with a report on progress as well as the work we’ve done that month for your site. We use your monthly results to put together plan a course of action for the next stages of improvement of your business.

Talk with our SEO London, Marbella, Estepona, Gibraltar experts to discuss your current search engine efforts and how our SEO services can bring more leads to your business.

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