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Let’s face it, as one of the most thriving business hubs in the world, it’s no surprise that most companies want to be seen in local London searches. But how can your business make the cut above the noise in a crowded digital space? Our local seo company in london can help your company gain exposure for some of the most competitive terms in and around London by creating a unique localised strategy just for your business.

local seo company in london

What is Local SEO?

Have you ever been somewhere new, Googled ‘pubs near me’ and wondered how Google chooses those pubs first? That’s local SEO. Local SEO is a search strategy that targets specific geographical locations, using a combination of GPS mobile data and well-optimised websites to serve people in various locations a ‘localised’ result. These searches will relate to a number of things including a registered address that Google recognises is within your search area.

Why your London-Based Business Needs an SEO Plan

With more focus online now more than ever, don’t get left behind on digital marketing strategies. Investing in an ongoing localised SEO strategy will ensure not only that your company is keeping up with the competition but maintains a brand presence in the right location for your business. 


Win New Clients with Local SEO

Your potential clients won’t be able to find you if your website does not rank ideally in the top three places for your industry keywords. With local SEO, we can increase your keyword rankings with good ROI in your industry. Our clients come from low to high competition industries and we’re proud to say we have helped them gain exposure in the top three google places for a variety of keywords.

SEO is a complicated process. We have been involved in various SEO projects in different countries for 10+ years. We research short and longtail keywords, check their search volumes and create a local SEO strategy that works to bring our customers to the top of search for their given industry.

We can help you increase the visibility of your business, gaining you more customers not only in London, but also across the globe. Contact us now to start the ball rolling towards higher rankings!

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When I first started, Louise was instrumental in getting things in place, until now, Louise is still in my corner to support me as I grow. I can contact them with questions, queries, or issues, and they provide the support I need.

David CairnsTechnical Direct

Ekulseo gave me the support I needed at the very start of my career. I will always be grateful to them for their professional and passionate approach.

Jani YutomoLead SEO Executive

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Frequently Asked Questions

Simply, Local Search Engine Optimisation (local SEO) is the practice of ensuring your website can be found in a search engine (Google, Bing, duckduckgo) when your potential customers try and find you using keywords or phrases around geolocation. An example might be SEO agency London!

When potential customers/clients search for keywords that are relevant to the products and services your business provides with a geolocation emphasis, they find your page in the Google search results, maps, and local directories.  Local search engine optimization requires a strategic and targeted approach that is distinct from general SEO.

Local search engine optimization (local SEO) is a version of SEO that focuses on optimizing a website and business to be found in local search results. Content, on-page optimizations, and link building all focused with a localized intent all help you work towards ranking in local search results.

Optimizing for local search is extremely important, especially for businesses serving specific towns, cities, and even counties.

When done right, local SEO enables searchers to find important information about your business quickly and easily, putting them one step closer to your services.

Usually, after 3 months, after implementing changes, you will start to see results. It depends on the competitiveness of your industry and the popularity of keywords used. We predict how long it will take to achieve a first-page ranking; in some cases, we have produced results as quickly as 30 days, sometimes even less!

The short answer is YES!

When you don’t claim your listing, you do not have the power to update your listing as necessary. Not claiming it could also mean that someone other than you could claim it and have control over your listing.

Deciding on which reach to go for with your SEO campaign depends entirely on the nature of your business. If you have a physical presence, for example, a shop, restaurant or bar, and you’re looking to increase footfall, then a local SEO campaign would be perfect.

If your business is based online, or trades nationally or internationally, then you’ll need a more robust SEO campaign to target either the UK market or all the countries that are relevant to your business. Contact our SEO consultants in Costa Del Sol, London & Gibraltar for advice.

If you are unsure, during your free discovery meeting with our marketing consultants, we will look at your goals and objectives, current positions in the market and plan the strategy from there. SEO might not even be the right solution for you, PPC might, or even Social Media Marketing.

As soon as we receive your SEO enquiry, we’ll get back to you within 2-4 working hours. If you would like to speak to us instantly, you can call us on 0203 011 1234 or speak to us on Live Chat.

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