Understand your online strengths and weaknesses with a detailed and clear SEO audit report

Giving businesses the information they need to understand their online performance

Our SEO audit report helps you & us to identify the areas that are and aren’t driving results.

Our team are then on hand to talk you through our findings and suggestions, helping you to set new priorities and goals for future online activity.

Here’s What You Will Get in Your Report.

A member of our team will use your website from the perspective of your target customer and produce a written review of their user experience. This allows us to analyse your website user experience.

We will also crawl your website using Screaming Frog, in the exact same way that Google would do, to highlight the bugs and errors that may be hurting your search engine rankings.

As well as crawling your website for technical bugs and fixes, we will also run a full analysis on the other three key areas of the SEO: your content, how optimised it is, and your backlink profile.

Additionally, we can let you know exactly how many backlinks your website has – and whether these links are high quality, or toxic.

We then put a plan in place to improve on what’s already in place.

After working with you to put together a keyword list, and a list of competitors. We then run a full rankings report using SEMRush – giving you valuable insight into where your website is ranking on Google within a particular region, be that local to you, or across the United Kingdom.

Our keyword reports can be benchmarked against the rankings of competitors, giving you a complete understanding of how your site is performing against others.

We use SEMRush& Google analytics to dig deep into your web traffic.

You may have an idea of how many users are interacting with your website, but where have they arrived from, and in what country are they browsing? Which pages do they interact with the most, and how long are they spending on your website? All of these questions, and more, can be answered in our report.

This information is displayed in clear and concise graphs, giving you a great overview of your traffic over the date range you specify.

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